Underground / Ecology / Politics / Mythology is a series of three events organised by Teodora Pasquinelli and hosted between The Showroom and Goldsmiths College in London. Inviting interationally renowned thinkers from the fields of art, poetry, politics and philosophy, the idea behind the project is to open a dialogue around the concept of the underground – as seen through the lenses of Ecology, Politics and Mythology and unfolding on current global issues.


We are living through an era of environmental, cultural, economical and political disintegration. The daunting challenges already in front of us demand an urgent re-grounding of our experience of the world. The Underground series aims to explore - literally and metaphorically – the ‘ground’ that lies ‘under’ three fundamental structures of our reality-system: the realms of Ecology, Politics and Mythology.

Underground, roots unfold and tangle, anchoring the plants growing on the surface. The underground sets the rhythm of the surface – yet, the attention devoted to it, is typically insufficient. Perhaps, it is exactly beneath our feet that we should point our keenest eye, to envision and invent a new path ahead... 

Invited speakers: Timothy Morton, Federico Campagna, Danae Stratou, Yanis Varoufakis, Franco Beardi 'Bifo', David Harsent.

Organised by Teodora Pasquinelli with the support of: 

The Showroom

Libellula Productions

Political Economy Research Centre of Goldsmiths University (PERC)

Department of Politics and International Relations at Goldsmiths University




Underground / Ecology 

The Showroom – Timothy Morton and Federico Campagna – 18th March 2017, 2pm-6pm

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Underground / Politics 

Goldsmiths – Yanis Varoufakis and Danae Stratou – 5th May 2017, 3pm-5pm

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Underground / Mythology

Goldsmiths - Franco Berardi Bifo and David Harsent - 24th of May 2017, 6pm-8pm

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