A project by Teodora Pasquinelli and writer Paola Moretti 
Narrator: Rob Prouse

Conceived as a site-specific work for the courtyard of Chelsea College of Art, Walk Slower, Look Up, Smile invites the public to experience a performative dimension within the space of the institution and which combinines text, sound, poetry, architectural elements and psychogeography.


A stream of consciousness pouring forth from the 'cold' heart of the institution and the urban architecture of the area of Pimlico in London. 

Memories, images, glimpses of life emerge from the courtyard of Chelsea College of Art. But who is speaking? Is it a student? Is it a cobblestone? Or is it time itself? The flow of storytelling invites the visitor to have a physical experience walking around the courtyard and to untangle the intertwined strings of real and imaginary narratives, reflecting on the relationship between the visible and invisible, living and the non-living matter. 

The work was exhibited as part of the group show Fast Forward/Rewind at Punctum project space at Chelsea College of Arts, London (2016)